Thứ Năm, 31 tháng 7, 2008

SB72 - HN 2008 Conference information

1) Time: Friday 8/1 - 7:00PM Pacific Time (or Saturday 8/2 9:00AM Nha Trang time)
2) To talk: call 1-866-705-0531 ; password: (đả gởi)
3) To share picture:

- Turn on webcam
- Go to
- Enter your name ( and email address, optional )
-Enter the meeting password:
(đả gởi)
-Click "Join Now".
- Once inside Webex, click on Video
- Once picture appear, click on SEND VIDEO
(Note: DO NOT CALL the number provided by Webex- Use number in item (2) above)
Hy vong cuoc hop mat online se thanh cong.

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Mberenis nói...

Great blog! I like the pictures and information you supplied.

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